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Greatest Hits (Box Set) ~ 5.0 out of 5 stars: The Spice Girls are everlasting!

Review of Greatest Hits (Box Set) ~ Spice Girls
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The Spice Girls are everlasting!, 1 Dec 2007
By Mauricio Cardinali "Maurizio Cardinale" (São Carlos - SP, Brazil)

Well, I've waited anxiously since I was 10 for these girls to get back together... It's been almost 10 years since Geri misteriously left the group by itself. I won't say this GH couldn't have been better, because it could: it's missing alternative versions of the videoclips "Too Much" (It only contains the Spice World version, with scenes of their old movie. It doesn't include the clean version one) and "Who Do You Think You Are", which I'll miss the version of Sugar Lumps forever. "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)", their new single with videoclip, was not included to the DVD as well, only in audio format, and I believe they could have picked up more good songs from the olddies, like "Do It", "Never Give Up On The Good Times" or "Tell Me Why", since they chose the nonvideo "Move Over" to be on the audio CD's. The remix CD doesn't show us any news since the remixes are all from the old days and the karaoke CD is only karaoke when they're not singing together - they only excluded the single voices from the tracks. Nevertheless, I was so excited when I heard they would pack up together I'm not really caring about those. What amazed me the most is that their new song not videoclipped yet, VooDoo, is so 90's and reminds me so good things from my teenage that I got all orgastic. It's really worth the bucks, it's an investment every pop music lover should do! No regrets at all, because the Spice Girls are RIGHT BACK AT YA!

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